Everything is Worth Killing by Alex Oakchest

Everything is Worth Killing

Everything is Worth Killing: Isaac’s Tale by Alex Oakchest (Everything is Worth Killing #1)
English | 2021|Fantasy| ePUB | 6 MB

Rock-spitting dragons. Bloodthirsty mages. Warmongering ogres. And a normal guy in the middle.

Bad mornings. We’ve all had ’em. But what if you woke up in an apocalyptic land filled with dragons and ogres? Not only that, but you woke up as a prisoner of a mage clan who don’t speak your language? What if they expect you to know magic, but leave you to figure it out for yourself?

These are the problems Isaac must solve. And what’s he going to do when death knocks on his door? He’s going to blast a fireball through the letterbox and send death running.

But first…he needs to learn how to even cast a fireball.

This is his journey to make allies in this new world. A journey of battles against slaver ogres and wingless dragons. A journey of experimentation and adaptation, where killing one enemy helps him survive the next. It’s also his journey to find a warm, comfy bed.

This is Isaac’s story of adapting to a world where everything is worth killing.

[Everything is Worth Killing was originally released December 2019. This second edition has been rewritten to be a much faster-paced and more well-rounded story.]


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