Evie in the Jungle by Matt Haig

Evie in the Jungle

Evie in the Jungle by Matt Haig
English | 2020| Fiction | Children| ePUB |4.2 MB

Twelve-year-old Evie has a talent. She can HEAR what animals are thinking and she can TALK to them with her mind.
When Evie goes on a trip to the Amazon rainforest, her powers are put to the test. She makes friends with pink river dolphins, must save an injured sloth, and discovers the secret life of a jaguar. Soon she sees that the jungle is in serious and deadly danger, and comes up with a rather risky plan to help save it . . .
A brilliant new story from bestselling author Matt Haig, featuring Evie from Evie and the Animals and with illustrations by the award-winning Emily Gravett.

‘Over there!’ Evie pointed and shouted so Ernesto could hear. ‘Over there! Look! A sloth. It needs our help.’

‘She’s right,’ said Gerry, staring through his binoculars.

‘There is no way we can reach it,’ Ernesto said. ‘Look! The fire is getting closer to the edge. And all the smoke. It is far too dangerous.’

Evie didn’t like this. ‘But we have to! It’s in danger.’

‘Yes,’ said her dad, scratching his beard with his usual worried expression, ‘and so would we be if we went over there. We have to keep moving down the river. The smoke is spreading. Evie, please.’

‘Sloths can swim,’ said Ernesto. ‘They are actually great swimmers. It will be fine.’

But Evie could hear the thoughts of this particular sloth and realised it was too paralysed by shock to do anything.

‘I . . .

what . . .

I . . .

don’t . . .

I . . .’ the sloth was thinking, with slow worry, as it clung onto the branch of the tree.

Evie felt sad, and angry, and fear clasped her brain like the sloth to the branch. And this fear was the sloth’s fear, which she felt almost as her own.

And then a thought arrived in her head. It wasn’t her thought. It wasn’t even the sloth’s thought. It was a thought from below. From the river.

‘What’s the matter?’ the thought asked.

Evie peered over the side of the boat and saw a flash of pink below the water’s murky green surface.

The river dolphin rose up and peered out into the air. It was the large one she’d seen earlier.

‘Listen, remember all that yummy food I gave you?’

‘Of course,’ said the dolphin.

‘Well, I need a favour . . . Look, see that animal on the bank?’

‘That freaky-looking thing?’

‘Um, yes,’ said Evie. ‘That freaky-looking thing.



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