Exodus: Empires at War by Doug Dandridge


Exodus: Empires at War by Doug Dandridge : Book 17: The Rebirth
English | 2020 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 2.2 Mb

Doug Dandridge was born in Venice Florida in 1957, the son of a Florida native and a Mother of French Canadian descent. An avid reader from an early age, Doug has read most of the classic novels and shorts of Science Fiction and Fantasy, as well as multiple hundreds of historical works. Doug has military experience including Marine Corps JROTC, Active Duty Army, and the Florida National Guard. He attended Florida State University, studying Biology, Geology, Physics, and Chemistry, and receiving a BS in Psychology.

It’s hard to fight an intelligent opponent. As Sean’s Empire is finding out.

The Ca’cadans were often their own worst enemy, making mistake after mistake on their way to eventual defeat. Now someone who can think is in charge, and things have changed.

Mrastaran I had never wanted to be Emperor of an Empire in decline. The admiral had wanted to finish out his carreer and retire to a life of reading and contemplation. Known as the Philosopher Admiral, Mrastaran thought his moves out ahead and adjusted to the situation. This dangerous leader is now in charge of the Ca’cadasan Empire, and he realizes that a standard victory is no longer possible. Taking a page from Earth history, the male has decided that using hit and run tactics and the immensity of his Empire is the way to force the alliance to the bargaining table. If only he can hurt the alliance hard enough to make them war weary. Starting with driving a wedge between the members of the alliance by targeting the alien powers.

Sean has his work cut out for him, keeping the alliance on track to finish the war. He doesn’t want to give the Cacas a break, since a rebuilt enemy will remain a threat. Fortunately the industry and technology of his Empire is still churning out the muscle to continue the fight. But only if they can keep up the pressure.

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