Extreme Measures by R.J. Patterson

Extreme Measures

Extreme Measures by R.J. Patterson (Brady Hawk #20)
English | 2020| Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 3.1 MB

Fans of Brad Taylor, Ben Coes, Vince Flynn, and Brad Thor will love this latest new action thriller from award-winning and bestselling author R.J. Patterson!

When the world’s most dangerous terrorist organization goes dark, Washington starts to get suspicious—and Brady Hawk and the Phoenix Foundation team spring into action.

What Hawk uncovers is a burgeoning network that spans from Russia to Bolivia before ultimately knocking on the door of the nation’s capital. And this time, it’s more than just an empty threat but a promise to bring the president and the entire nation to its knees.
In order to vanquish one of the world’s deadliest terrorists,

Hawk and Alex must pursue a ruthless cell from coast to coast before setting up a high-stakes showdown in Washington. Win and the United States will be spared. Lose and thousands of lives will be lost in the most dramatic terrorist attack on American soil in history.

But unfortunately for the terrorists, Brady Hawk is standing in the way.


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