Facets of the Nether by William C. Tracy

Facets of the Nether

Facets of the Nether by William C. Tracy (Dissolution Cycle Book 2)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 3.0 MB

The Dissolution Approaches, and all will change.”
The Dissolution approaches.
Sam has saved the Assembly of Species, but at a terrible cost. Locked in his apartment, his memories gone and his best friend abducted, he is once again crippled with anxiety. Meanwhile, Enos struggles to free her brother from imprisonment, alone for the first time in her life. Her true species has been revealed, and there are hints the deadliest of her kind survived an ancient war.
But the Nether contains more secrets. A musical chime disrupts daily life, signaling changes to its very fabric. To solve this mystery, Sam must face his anxiety and confront truths about his memories and unique abilities. Only then can he save his friends from the machinations of the Life Coalition, by understanding the reality behind the Facets of the Nether.

Rilan and Origon rebel, and take the apprentices to the site of the Drain which killed Enos and Inas’s family, to determine what caused it. They find nothing, but Rilan learns her home town is under attack by another Drain. Her father, a stubborn man, has likely not left the city.

They travel there, and use the Symphony to keep from freezing. They find machinery stopped, and animals and people dead from exposure. Rilan also finds her father dead, but has no time to grieve.

While escaping, Sam and Enos are separated from the others and captured by cloaked beings who call themselves the Life Coalition. In response to losing her and Origon’s apprentices, Rilan is removed from the Council.

Sam and Enos are cut off from the Symphony, and to keep the Life Coalition from killing her, Enos reveals she is one of the lost Aridori.

At the same time, Rilan and company guess at an organization connecting the recent strange occurrences. Origon then receives news that Mandamon Feldo, the head of the House of Power, has captured a true Aridori, and it is held in a prison.

Sam comes to terms with Enos’ species, they escape, and he agrees not to turn her in. They meet up with Rilan, Origon, and the other maji as they plan to interrogate the captured Aridori in Gloomlight prison. Sam and Inas have an emotional reunion, and Inas confirms he is also Aridori. The three hide Enos and Inas’ species from the others.

However Origon guesses the twins’ species and Sam, against his best intentions, confirms. The maji keep the Aridori under close watch. Against Rilan’s wishes, the Aridori change their appearance to infiltrate the prison.

Inside they find the Aridori Councilor Feldo captured. Enos communicates with them, though the words and images she receives make little sense until Inas takes over and melds with the Aridori. They discover the Life Coalition will meet in the Nether that night, though the caged Aridori dies. In the process, Inas is injured.

They ambush the meeting and fight the Life Coalition, though Inas is captured in the conflict. Rilan and Origon find the Life Coalition will attack the Assembly itself by creating a massive Drain.

They rush to the Assembly, but not before the Life Coalition succeeds. The entire maji organization attempts to battle the Drain, but it destroys the notes involved and throws the maji into disarray.

During this, Sam is haunted by a voice of another entity in his head, which seems connected to the Drains. It reveals he is not of the House of Communication, like Majus Cyrysi, but is of a new house. Sam, for an instant, sees the flow of time, showing how to defeat the Drain.


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