Fae of Light and Shadow by E. Hall

Fae of Light and Shadow

Fae of Light and Shadow by E. Hall (Court of Crown and Compass #0.5)
English | 2020| Fantasy | ePUB | 2.8 MB

E. Hall is the author of unputdownable fantasy and paranormal romance books. She’s also known for making up words, which kind of goes with the territory. She’s in constant pursuit of wonder, waves, and nachos.When she’s not writing about fae, wolves, and magic, she’s probably writing under her other pen name Ellie Hall…or reading. There is no such thing as too many books.

She’s determined to break the rules so her sister can get married. However, she doesn’t expect to find a true love of her own. The only problem is he’s a vampire…
Aina’s grandmother is old-school fae and pressuring her to get married. But it’s to the wrong guy—the one her sister loves. She travels to Raven’s Landing to meet with the elders to find a loophole. There, she unexpectedly spends an amazing day with a fun and handsome stranger.
Nick ditches the royal summit to go incognito and be normal just for a day. He meets a lovely and enchanting fae and doesn’t want their time together to end when she inevitably discovers his identity. Unfortunately, the king’s brother harasses them both and reveals the truth.
But nothing can come between their growing relationship: not a jerky prince, outdated magical customs, fire frogs, grandmothers, or the fact that vampires and fae aren’t supposed to be together.
However, they didn’t know their love story would lead to war.

I applaud loudly when Maurella takes to the stage and collects her diploma. She’s going into fae finances. It’s always amused us how she’s really good with numbers, facts, and figures, while I prefer words, poetry, and stories.

Next up, my name is called. I receive my diploma and shake the chancellor’s hand. A bittersweet feeling sweeps through me. I’m sad and excited to close this chapter. But what’s next? As I cross the stage, I see my future ahead of me, but not the one I want and not the one I want for Maurella. My breath comes in little spurts and my jaw trembles, but I hold it back and force a smile.

Afterward, everyone gathers for the reception. There’s more confetti and food. There is a lot of chatter and laughter, but somehow, through the vast hall, I can hear my grandmother talking about wedding arrangements. It sounds as if she’s moved up the date. Nooo.

Arguing with Grandma is futile. We’ve tried it. But we have to figure out something.

I scan the crowd for Maurella. She stands close to Drod who also graduated today. Her grin is enormous, her eyes sparkling, and he looks at her with so much love I feel like I could burst. I want that. I want to smile at someone because I can’t help it. I want someone to look at me as if I’m their whole world.

There’s a display with a map of our realm and little flags with pushpins so graduates can share where they’re going next.

Our realm alone is vast. There are the Southlands, west, east, and of course, the cold Northlands where we live in the Frost Fae settlement called the North Iron. The nearest city is Raven’s Landing. I’ve only been once. Grandma thinks it’s too dangerous. I’d never repeat this, but she’s a foozle—stubbornly stuck in the past. I think she gets overwhelmed because there are so many people in the city. My finger trails the space between here and there.

I glance back at Maurella. She looks so happy, but that won’t be for long unless I do something drastic. I bite my lip and grab my things. “See you soon, sister,” I whisper.

With my heart full of purpose and my mind full of resolve, I set out into the fading day. The horizon is a thin line bumped with silver, just barely illuminating the Northlands. In the air, I skim the surrounding flat plain of ice, sparkling as the sun glimmers one last time before setting. The dusty bumps of mountains rise far off in the distance—the gateway to the Raven’s Landing and the Castle Fjallraven.

I whoop, feeling free and don’t stop flying until I reach an inn where I spend the night.

The next morning, I fly hard until I reach the gates to the city. The fae elders have their offices here and I am going to see if I can convince them to let my sister marry Drod. Lantern light glows from along a stone wall on either side of the gate. I conceal my wings just before I cross the entrance.



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