Failed State by James Samuel

Failed State

Failed State by James Samuel (James Winchester Thriller #1)
English | 2021|Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 6.6 MB

He won’t investigate, he’ll lacerate.

When drug lord Alberto Cardoso Quezada assassinates rising political star Luna Carrea on the streets of Mexico City, it marks the beginning of his brutal campaign against his rivals in the heartlands of Mexico.

It falls to private military contractor James Winchester to track down and eliminate Quezada before the drug king sets Mexico aflame and creates an empire to rival that of Pablo Escobar’s. But as Quezada goes underground, Winchester finds himself entangled in narco politics as rival drug lord Enrique Montoya Rodriguez becomes an unlikely ally.

As the bodies pile up, Winchester soon uncovers a plot leading to the upper echelons of the Mexican and American political systems. Winchester has no choice but to ask some uncomfortable questions, and he isn’t sure he will like the answers.

Who ordered the hit on Quezada in the first place? Why are two American senators so interested in the fate of Quezada? Is removing Quezada really the best thing for Mexico after all?

One thing is for sure, every problem can be solved with a bullet…

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