Fair and Just by Alex P. Berg

Fair and Just

Fair and Just (Penelope Phair Book 1) by Alex P. Berg
English | 2021 |Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 6 MB

Penelope Phair never saw herself as a police officer. Then again, she never expected to end up behind bars either. But after getting fired from work and beating her boyfriend to a pulp, the inside of a jail cell might be the best place for her to stay. At least it’s a roof over her head.

Good thing she’s got a guardian angel. After getting bailed out by her Nana, a famed supernatural investigator, all it takes is a hot meal and a hard shove to get Phair on the straight and narrow. A few months of police academy later, Phair is eager to join the ranks of the boys and girls in blue, but even she couldn’t predict she’d respond to a homicide her very first shift.

Now an alchemist has been murdered, a precious artifact has been stolen, and like it or not, Phair’s in the thick of the investigation. But cracking the case is easy compared to navigating the unwritten rules of the police department. Unlike what her Nana might’ve told her, the law isn’t always FAIR AND JUST.


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