Fairy Tale Retelling Collection by Amorette Anderson

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Fairy Tale Retelling Cozy Mystery Collection: A Romantic Cozy Novella Boxset by Amorette Anderson
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | ePUB, .PDF, .MOBI/.AZW| 2.5 MB

Beauty and the Blackmailer (Book #1)
She’s a beauty who works at a bookstore. He’s as unapproachable as a caged beast…
Bridget is a manager at Glitter Cup Cafe, a successful chain of bookstores. The CEO of the chain wants to retire, but he’s not sure that his son, Sebastian, is ready for such responsibility. Sebastian needs to change the way he treats people first. Can Bridget help Sebastian change his attitude?
When Bridget’s father runs into trouble, she feels responsible. One of her employees at the bookstore might be behind the trouble, and she vows to figure out which one. With Sebastian’s help, she takes the case…
Snow White and the Seven Murders (Book #2)
What if Snow White had to save the prince?
As a business reporter for the Dayton City Newspaper, Snow White tries to stick to the facts and stay out of trouble. But when research for an article leads to suspicions that a killer is on the loose, she can’t help but investigate. A local mine owner is dead. Could the owner of a rival company be to blame?
Snow’s snooping pays off, and soon she’s chasing down hot clues — and an even hotter prince. Amir Malick, prince of Qu’abar, is handsome, smart, funny and kind. Is he next on the killer’s list?
It’s up to Snow to save him…
Cinderella and the Cyanide (Book #3)
To do: Scrub the floor, sew a dress, and solve a murder!
Cinda is a journalist with a crafty side hustle — sewing dresses and selling them online. Despite her good work ethic, she’s barely making ends meet. So when an opportunity to pick up a little extra work at a new hotel in town pops up, she can’t say no!
A body turns up in the hotel kitchen, and Cinda realizes she’s the only one with a key piece of information about the case. It’s up to her to find the killer before anyone, including a handsome prince, gets hurt.
This boxset contains the compete three-book series! If you love fairy tales, puzzling cozy crimes, and clean/sweet stories, you’ll enjoy this set.


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