Fan the Flame by September Thomas

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Fan the Flame by September Thomas (The Elemental Gods Book 2)
English | 2020 |Sci-FI| ePUB | 1.3 MB

My name is Zara Ramone.
I should have died several times now.
But the fates aren’t ready to let me go.
Zara Ramone, the newly reincarnated God of Water, is on the run. She’s hiding from the Order, which would rather see her dead than accomplish her goal. Her church believes she will cause an apocalypse rather than save the world from one.
A series of devastating attacks by the Order has stripped Zara of her old identity. Her home is gone, her family and friends dead, and it’s all because she unwittingly released magic back into the world. Mired in guilt, Zara throws herself into mastering her water magic while ignoring the pulsing threads of fire now burning through her veins. She’s the first God to ever wield two elements, and Zara isn’t ready to find out what that means.
Despite her feelings of isolation, Zara is hardly alone, even in her own head. The soul of an ancient, cunning God has taken up residence in her mind. She offers wisdom and guidance, but Zara questions her motives, and those of a devious djinn who may be her only hope to locating the other teenage Gods necessary to prevent mass destruction.
As Zara and her fey allies, Finn and Ryder, push ahead, their journey leads them back to an enemy who has grown more powerful than ever before. Zara must find the strength to overcome her doubts, or risk falling when the world needs her most.

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