Farpoint Awakened by Vincent Bek

Farpoint Awakened

Farpoint Awakened (Farpoint #1) by Vincent Bek
English | 2020 | Fantasy | MOB I|3.0 MB

What do you do when everything you care about is gone? When you desire freedom from an oppressive government? When you are tired of running someone else’s ships between planets for minimal pay? When you need to start over and hope to forget the past? If you are rookie pilot Kasey Robinson, you join an experimental expedition to the distant reaches of the galaxy with no way to return. Kasey may be ready to start his own life, but the universe has far different plans for him than he could ever imagine.

Galactic conspiracies and interstellar warfare were not in the brochure for the colony expedition Kasey had signed up for. It was supposed to be his chance to taste freedom, a chance to forge a new life and forget his past. Would he abandon his personal values or fight the unimaginable? Would he even have a choice?


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