Fatal Ally by Tim Sebastian

Fatal Ally

Fatal Ally by Tim Sebastian
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 1.0 Mb

Fatal Ally : After five years’ silence, a British intelligence asset has made contact from Moscow. Claiming to be in possession of an explosive piece of information, he wishes to defect to the West. The carefully-planned operation however goes catastrophically wrong, the would-be defector ruthlessly betrayed by a rogue element at the highest level of US government. As a result, MI6’s Margo Lane is ordered to deliver a message the White House won’t forget.

It’s mission that will take Margo to the violent heart of contemporary Russia and the edge of the civil war in Syria – and finally to a terrifying personal decision she had hoped she would never have to make. Fatal Ally is a riveting, literate and almost unbearably tense thriller which explores a world where emotions are lethal distractions – and your conscience can get you killed.

“You can’t be that bad if you’ve got a clean car.

And the couple leaning against the railings of the park, turn almost lazily to watch, still smiling, still chatting, showing no sign of alarm.

The bike riders are glorious acrobats, the crowd in awe. No one can take their eyes off them.

They don’t see that the SUV has moved around the square, right behind the couple. And the two of them don’t see it either.

They’re both young. Exploring, chatting. Early days because the shyness is still there. Hands touching from time to time, not holding.

They could have had a chance at something. It looked that way.

From the back of the SUV comes an effortless performance from a balding man in chinos and trainers. A janitor, a plumber perhaps. Baseball cap with illegible logo, epaulettes on a blue shirt. You see a million of them every day and you won’t recognize a single one.

The crowd missed the cosh in his hand as he brought it down hard on the back of the woman’s head. They missed her fall, missed her companion, mouth open, walking straight into a hypodermic needle. As he loses his footing, there’s another blue shirt to catch him and between them, they carry him, as if it’s the most normal thing in the world, to the back of the SUV and lay him gently on the floor.

No rush, just the practised, unhurried movements of the two professionals. Seen but not seen, easing the SUV slowly, so very slowly into the afternoon traffic.

It was the smell that hit her first. The disinfectant. Sharp and invasive. Then the rattle of distant trolleys, whispered voices. She opened her eyes, taking in the white hospital gown, white bed, white walls. A room for all purposes. Recovery one day – if your luck held; departure the next – if it didn’t.”


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