Fated by Angela J. Ford


Fated by Angela J. Ford (Night of the Dark Fae #2)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.7 MB

Angela J. Ford is a bestselling epic fantasy author who has sold over 30,000 copies and has had over 10 million page reads in Kindle Unlimited. Her books have been ranked bestsellers in multiple categories. She enjoys traveling, hiking, and playing World of Warcraft with her husband.

After being devastated by the Dark Fae, Maeve is forced to continue working for them. Her newfound knowledge causes even more confusion and she’s haunted by nightmares that just might be from her past.
But that isn’t her biggest problem. Maeve is left in orc territory and forced to trust two brothers she has an uncanny attraction to, even though they just might be her worst enemy. Along with a beast she should kill—but can’t bring herself to—Maeve’s adventures come to a startling twist when she reaches the kingdom where she was born.

“What is that?” Maeve whispered, following the direction of Imer’s finger.

Everything within her quivered at the sight of the vague creature on the hilltop, although her voice remained firm.

When Imer turned around, his eyes were so wide she could see the whites of his eyes in the starlight. His arm came down and his glance flickered to his brother, seeking . . . encouragement? “This is the closest it has gotten . . .” he trailed off.

“It’s the old vibe of this place,” Ingram added, stroking his jaw. “It pulls evil toward it. I’m surprised we have seen nothing else out here in the wild lands.”

Maeve tore her eyes away from the thing on the hill and lightly rested her hand on the back of the dragon. It sat straight up, ears raised, tail moving back and forth. Aware. Alert. “But what is it?” she repeated her question.

“I’m afraid we haven’t been entirely honest with you,” Imer spoke quickly. “There are ancient spirits, beings, the closest thing on this land to demons.”

“Demons? As in something worse than the fae?” Maeve’s breath caught in her throat.

For the past sixty days all she’d thought about was the fae and the way they captured her, collared her, and forced her to hunt for the seven shards of Erinyes on pain of death. If she succeeded within the next six months, she would earn her freedom. Again. They claimed it was her past, her wicked deeds that allowed them to pull her into their dungeons, a lair of intricate tunnels underneath an island, an old watchtower floating in the Sea of Shadows. There were other races who dwelt on the land, humans, orcs, goblins, and then the darker creatures no one named for seeing them was rare.

“Dark fae,” Ingram corrected, a growl in his tone.

Maeve sucked her cheek, noting the rebuke. Earlier she’d learned the brothers had blood of the fae, a thought that terrified her. How did she know that not all fae were evil and drawn to darkness? And yet the brothers walked in daylight, something the dark fae were cursed to abstain from. The brothers claimed to be born of light. But how did she know?

“One could call it a type of demon.” Imer shrugged. “It feeds on outwardly powers, such as ours. When we left our haven, it started following us again. It doesn’t like to be around people and prefers the darkness. When we reached the Bay of Biscane it was easy to blend in. Water confuses it. During the past few weeks we have had the protective mists, but after the battle in the Draconbane Mountains, we noticed it on our trail again. It’s likely when we used our powers against the goblins, it found us again. But now we are in the wild lands, it will not be so easy to shake it off.”

Maeve glanced from one brother to the other, but their faces were hidden in shadow, masking their feelings. “What does it want?” She stood to her feet, voice hollow.



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