Fates Choice: A Gaerd Chronicle by Tristan Fairfield

Fates Choice

Fates Choice: A Gaerd Chronicle by Tristan Fairfield
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 1.1 Mb

Fates Choice : Torr Skarsdale did not set out to change the fate of his nation. The shipbuilder’s youngest son was simply undertaking his family’s duties (well, sort of!) when a chance encounter with three dryads set him on a path from which there would be no return.

Now, he had to come to terms with his new found magical abilities whilst helping to rid the land of bandits and smugglers. However, that was just the start of his journey. A bungled scheme in far off Alrunia would have grave consequences that even the Master Wizard Bernhart Rowe, with all his wisdom, knowledge and suspicion, could not foresee.

Torr would be thrust into the centre of more than one ancient and very secret plot, which would fracture his nation again, and send ripples across the known world of Gaerd.

“As luck would have it, foreman Barak had been rostered to lead the supply gang, one of the Skarsdale’s family’s most able and experienced workers. He was more than capable of conducting his tasks without any supervision at all from anyone and could easily teach Torr a thing or two about boat building, supervision, or running a busy shipyard. The labourers who had come out with Barak seemed happy to conduct their duties without Torr’s intervention and neither did Torr take this as a slight upon his own capabilities.

He had agreed with Barak which two men he could appropriate for his own task when the labourers were loading the supplies from the two wagons into the rowing gigs. “That’s fine Master Torr, just so long as men and the crew get to share your quarry later” said Barak, in his deep Sommerswake tones.

There was a notable breeze this far into the season of Highsun, which meant two men had to hold each gig steady. Everyone else had to watch their footing down the short jetty anyway as the wood was now prone to moss as it had not been tarred for a season. It was difficult enough, without a large and heavy hessian sack or crate to manage as well. Add in a boat that was leaping up and down on its moorings, and calamity was just around the corner. The two lucky candidates seemed quite happy with their new assignment, therefore.”


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