Fault Line In The Sand by Linda Mackay

Fault Line In

Fault Line In The Sand by Linda Mackay : Caldera Humorous Mystery Book 2
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 399 Kb

Fault Line In : After surviving an earthquake, getting caught in a gun battle with traitorous government agents, and a helicopter almost crashing on her head, geophysicist Jorie Clark is hoping for a quiet winter season. But when she and her team return home from a work trip in Yellowstone, she learns the evidence they collected in July for the government, has been stolen.

Her annoying neighbor, retired DIA agent ‘Mac’ MacAlister, needs her help to uncover more geologic evidence before winter buries it. However, he insists on bringing another agent on the expedition. Jorie finds her pricklier than a porcupine hiding in your tent, and her bag of secrets makes Jorie suspicious of every order she issues.

As the temperature plummets, tempers rise. While Jorie fights to prove her team’s intelligence will win out over the agents’ muscle, a new threat confronts them that could render all their genius power ineffective and put the entire country into chaos. Can Jorie win the bet that brains are better than brawn? Or does Mother Nature hold the winning hand?

“Don “Mac” MacAlister is my neighbor and retired spy with the Defense Intelligence Agency. I question the intelligence part, especially after government goons tried to kill me a couple months ago. “I’m not in a bad mood. My coffee just sucks.”

“How about I make a new pot,” the piranha said. “Then we can talk.”

She’s obviously not really a piranha, but a fellow spy buddy of Mac’s, and she gives me the heebie jebbies.

“We gave you a few days to chill, but now we need to talk,” Mac said.

At least he was learning. After spending weeks around my field crew and wild animals I need time alone to recharge. “So, what’s your problem?”

The piranha took three mugs off the rack in the kitchen. “Maybe we should wait till she has more coffee?”

“Stop patronizing me. Talk or get out.”

“The samples have disappeared,” Mac said.

“Just the samples?”

“Everything is gone,” the piranha added.

“Maybe I should wait for the coffee.” All the precautions we’d taken to insure our information was passed to the right person, and now it was lost. “Not much of an intelligence community you have there.”



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