FBI Agent Kate Walsh series by Stacy M. Jones (#1-2)

FBI Agent Kate Walsh series

FBI Agent Kate Walsh series by Stacy M. Jones (#1-2)
English | 2021 |Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 7 MB

Stacy M. Jones was born and raised in Troy, New York, and currently lives in Little Rock, Arkansas. She is a full-time writer and holds masters’ degrees in journalism and in forensic psychology. Stacy is an avid reader of the mystery genre. Whether a reader likes their mysteries more hard-boiled or prefers a cozy, Stacy offers two series – the more hard-boiled Riley Sullivan Mystery Series and the cozy Harper & Hattie Magical Mystery Series.

The Founders (#1)
A serial killer has the city of Boston in his grip. He’s killing with antique Revolutionary War weapons and leaving bodies at markers on the city’s historical Freedom Trail. No one is safe – especially those with ancestry ties back to the Patriots.

FBI Special Agents Kate Walsh and Declan James rush to the aid of local authorities to help catch a killer in their hometown. As a descendant of one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, Agent Walsh is in the killer’s crosshairs. Part madman and part mastermind – no one knows who is next.

With potential ties to an underground subversive group known as The Founders, can the FBI stop a killer whose wake of destruction has only just begun or will the city become paralyzed by this killer’s centuries-old political agenda?

Miami Ripper (#2)
A killer is stalking high-priced escorts and leaving a trail of bodies in empty mansions along Miami Beach’s intercoastal waterway. When the crimes become too much for the locals to handle, FBI Agents Kate Walsh and Declan James must find a killer walking among the city’s elite.

Amid the glamour and money is a seedy underbelly that runs through the city like an electrical current. Young women are enticed into relationships with older men where sex and money are traded – creating a power dynamic that leaves the woman vulnerable and susceptible to a killer.

Agents Walsh and James must figure out who to believe in a city where everyone has an agenda, and even the local cops seem to have something to hide. A devastating break in the case reveals the potential killer, but the chase is on to find out who is harboring and potentially helping him. Can Agent Walsh use her profiling skills to figure out his plan before the next victim is found or will terror keep reigning in the city?


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