Fear the Reaper by Chaney (J.N. Chaney), Moon

Fear the Reaper

Fear the Reaper by Chaney (J.N. Chaney), Moon (Scott Moon) (The Last Reaper #2)
English | 2019 | Sci / Fi | ePUB | 457 Kb

Fear the Reaper : New enemies. Unlikely allies. A neon city in the Deadlands that never sleeps.

Halek Cain has mysteries to solve, people to rescue, and a vendetta to carry out. But he must fix his Reaper augmentations before they kill him. He needs raw materials from Gronic, a technical specialist on Roxo III, and time to put himself right before the Union comes for him.

Everything seems like it’s going to work out…until he learns Elise is in trouble. If Cain doesn’t get to her first, everything that happened on Dreadmax will have been for nothing.

The Last Reaper will encounter assassins, Union special operators, and a mysterious rival from his past. The odds are overwhelming, and the enemies are mounting. But when all is said and done, each of them will learn that you must always fear the Reaper.

“A street merchant shouted at me—aggressively demanding my attention and my money. Or maybe he was telling me I couldn’t keep the exquisite bowl and the fork as I walked away from his stand.

Since I was kind of a dick, I handed the mostly empty bowl to a lurking street kid, who immediately darted into the crowd.

The soup merchant shook his fist at me but kept one hand on his cart, afraid to leave it unattended. “Cha! Chada he gonna gat my cheeda growla! You gedda godda pay meeda!”

“Hey, no comprende,” I said, hands raised.

This offended the merchant. He snatched a stick from behind the cart then waved it at me, advancing with angry words and toxic body language. Each step away from his property made him visibly anxious and increasingly angry. He looked back several times.

“What’s he saying, X?” I asked.

“I detect the use of profanity but cannot piece together the meaning. I don’t believe he trusts the other food cart vendors or citizens of Gronic in general. Theft is a serious problem on this planet.”

Backing away, I reached the area of the sidewalk that was beyond the man’s territory, apparently. He went back to his soup cart complaining to all of his neighbors about whatever I’d said or done to offend him.”


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