Fear the Reaper by Scott McKay

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Fear the Reaper by Scott McKay (The Soulbreaker Chronicles #1)
English | 2020| Sci-Fi| ePUB | 1.3 MB

“I would never be able to truly justify my acts in the eyes of the living. To someone like you, I would be a cold-blooded killer. To people like me, it’s just our job, and it’s a necessary evil.”

Caroline Rosenthal’s world is perceived through a one-way mirror. It is only when the people she loves most are killed before her eyes, and she meets the darkly enigmatic Adrian Abramovitz, that her mirror is shattered and she can finally see the world for what it is.

A war between two dark forces has raged since time immemorial, hidden behind the veil between Earth and the spirit world of Purgatory. On one side, the reaper-like Soulbreakers who serve the Archon of Death, Azrael. They protect the living…and decide their ultimate fate. On the other, the Sinborn, malevolent souls hellbent on purging humanity from the face of the earth. In-between it all, her closest friend becomes her very literal guardian angel. And her greatest temptation.

When Carol discovers her own latent abilities, and both factions are after her allegeance, which side will she choose?


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