Fiction No More by Ted Clifton

Fiction No More

Fiction No More by Ted Clifton (Vincent Malone Book 3)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 784 Kb

Fiction No More: Past misdeeds, including murder, lead to suspense, threats and another murder in the next Vincent Malone novel. It begins with a Santa Fe visiting mystery book author claiming she is being followed. Private Investigator Vincent Malone volunteers to find out what is going on. From there everything starts to go downhill. The author’s fist book details a murder that took place forty years in the past with specific information few knew. How did she get this information; the dead man’s son wants to know. This tale involves the long dead man’s grown son, the author’s grandfather, a bully sheriff, a wayward priest and a journey that ends in death. Stolen New Mexico Pueblo Indian artifacts are the prize they all sought; even willing to kill to get it—now Malone must find out who committed the murder and why?

” The goon panicked. “The motherfucker sprayed me with gasoline! Get his ass!” he bellowed as he ran, just in case the electric man had a match.

The distraction gave Vic time to get into the cab and grab his Beretta. Now what? Run or fight? There’s no way I can outrun those bikes. I hope to hell someone in the gas station calls the cops.

He could see the leader at the end of the building splashing water from a rain barrel all over himself, even dunking his head in. Gasoline does not smell good. Vic rolled down his window and pointed his gun at two other bikers who looked the most aggressive.

“I sure as hell don’t want to kill anybody, but I will. What the fuck is wrong with you guys? It’s just the electric company. Don’t you want electricity out here?”

One of the bikers hesitated a little, but spoke up. “They want to put through power lines, and we don’t want them to. This is our land, but they gave the damn Public Service company a right-of-way just so the assholes in Albuquerque can have cheap electricity. What about our lands? We’ve got burial sites out there that’ll be destroyed. You just work for the wrong people, asshole.”

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