Fire Ant Saga: Navy of Humanity Box Set by Jonathan P. Brazee

Fire Ant Saga

The Complete Fire Ant Saga: Navy of Humanity: Wasp Squadron by Jonathan P. Brazee (#1-5)
English | 2020| Sci – Fi | ePUB | 3.0 MB

All five books in the Fire Ant saga! When aliens invade human space, it will take a total effort for humanity to survive. Floribeth Salinas O’Shea Dalisay might be small in stature, but she packs a big punch as the Navy’s best fighter pilot. But can anyone, much less the entire Navy, hold back the tide? This box set includes all five books of The Navy of Humankind: Wasp Squadron series, including the 2018 Nebula Award finalist Fire Ant.


Fire Ant

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