Fire by Aaron Oster


Fire (Buryoku Book 5) by Aaron Oster
English | 2021 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.9 MB

Aaron has been a huge fantasy nerd for as long as he can remember. He’s an especially big fan of epic fantasy and LitRPG. He’s always loved writing, so he decided to give it a shot! He doesn’t much like his day job, and would prefer to become a full time author. (Hey, everyone’s got a dream!)

After escaping Doragon’s clutches, Roy finds himself stranded in the Windblight, a harsh desert under the control of a rival clan – one that won’t think twice about tossing him in their fighting arena to pay off a perceived debt.
Meanwhile, Aika, Ferry, and Hermit face their own problems in the form of retribution from the Itachi clan. While Hermit might be a Sovereign, his sister carries the same title.
With enemies closing in on all sides, the three of them must work hard to stay ahead and continue on the trail of their abducted friend.

5. Fire – After facing impossible odds, Roy finds himself back where he first began his Path in the Martial Arts. Questions abound, and the mystery surrounding his Core’s strange behavior plagues his every waking moment.
Finding answers will mean confronting a past he’d thought was long behind him. But if he wishes to advance further down the Path of Power, that confrontation is inevitable.

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