Firestorm by Bobby Adair


Firestorm by Bobby Adair
English | 2021|Zombie Apocalypse| ePUB | 6 MB

I’m just going to put this out there: I grew up with an irrational fear of Flying Monkeys. How is a little kid supposed to know that they only exist in Oz? I’m not a native of any state. I’ve lived in so many that I see myself as a native American, which works out for me since I am also fractionally a Native American to an improbable, yet significant degree. I lived more than half of my life in Texas and I have a great affinity for Austin. it is a wonderfully diverse city full of interesting people. I now live in Colorado where I enjoy spending my time in the mountains, cycling, hiking, or walking my dogs. Oh, and writing… I do that too.

Fourteen years have passed since the virus ripped through the global population, crushing the modern world and leaving the cities crawling with the infected. The immune who survived the violence of the collapse fled to remote havens like Balmorhea, a tiny town in the desert of far West Texas. There, a few hundred normals made a go of it, building walls, farming the dry dirt, and learning to thrive together. With them, Zed and Murphy, survivors of the infection are different but still human. Distrusted and despised because of what they are, they’re still the first to fight when the hordes maraud out of the wastes. Now, a new menace is lurking beyond the horizon, threatening to destroy everything they’ve built. Will they survive the savage violence sweeping across the desert, or will they be consumed by the Firestorm?

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