First Degree by Robin James

 First Degree

First Degree by Robin James
English | 2020 | Thriller & Crime| ePUB | 3.0 MB

Robin James is an attorney and former law professor. She’s worked on a wide range of civil, criminal and family law cases in her twenty-year legal career. She also spent over a decade as supervising attorney for a Michigan legal clinic assisting thousands of people who could not otherwise afford access to justice.

This lawyer is her client’s last hope, and her town’s worst nightmare. When a popular cheerleader winds up dead in a ditch, the case lands in defense attorney Cass Leary’s own backyard. Her niece’s boyfriend Cole is charged with first degree murder and the whole Leary family jumps to his defense. The evidence against him is as thin as the ice on Finn Lake. But an overzealous prosecutor and a rookie detective seem determined to see Cole go down for this no matter what. Just as she’s about to crack the case, new evidence emerges that convinces Cass her client’s being framed. Cass’s dogged determination to defend him could upend the police department and ruin careers. But if she doesn’t uncover the truth, the real killer could strike again. Can Cass bust open this conspiracy before another innocent girl dies?

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