Firstborn Legacy by Dionnara Dawson

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Firstborn Legacy by Dionnara Dawson (The Melorian Academy Book 1)
English | 2020| Young Adult| ePUB | 1.3 MB

‘The Melorian, for all your educational requirements: magic, maths and morgues.’
Sebastian Nympha-Harlem is the Firstborn Legacy, famed son of The Promised Witch, Hella Corvime, and the infamous warlock, Harrow Nympha. Sebastian—Bash—carries the weight of a new species of magic, leading his family—and the world—into a new era of peace with the humans.
The Melorian Academy is the first of its kind, a school in rural Australia designed for humans and magic folk alike. Here they will train together as allies. The Cambions, witches and Legacies will learn to control and harness their powers. Humans will be gifted with the tools to block magic. They were once enemies—wounds from a past war still mending—but now they have come together as a new generation to fight the real enemies.
Angels are breaking out of Heaven, demons eat passersby, and an old enemy, a powerful witch, has a plan brewing in the background as she grows more powerful than ever.
Set twenty-two years after the end of The Promised Witch series, Bash’s new generation takes on the challenges of humans faced with magic, fear and prejudice, and the delicate balance of peace.

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