For Better or Curse by Misty Bane

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For Better or Curse by Misty Bane (A Paranormal Party Planner Cozy Mystery Book 1)
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 1.3 MB

Blissful Events might be the top wedding planning company in the magical world, but owner and operator, Bailey Bliss, knows that no matter how much wit, whimsy, and witchcraft she pumps into the biggest day of every siren and sorceress’ life—when it comes to weddings, everything that can go wrong, will.
Luckily, Bailey is a pro. There’s no trick or treachery she hasn’t seen in her time as a wedding planner, and her inherited Coco Cha-Spell bag of enchanted treats holds a solution for every one of them.
Groom with cold feet? A little Heat of the Moment powder sprinkled in his shoes will take care of that.
Overbearing mother of the bride? Nothing a few drops of Deception of Perfection potion in her champagne glass won’t fix.
Blabbering best man? Switch his bow tie out for a tongue tie—that’ll keep him quiet.
But when an ancient family curse dooms a banshee bride’s beau to an early grave—on the day of the wedding, no less—Bailey might have finally stumbled into a situation even she can’t fix. She’s a witch, not a necromancer.
Just when she’s about to hang up her hat and call it a night, she notices one devilish little detail that she can’t quite shake—the groom’s death doesn’t look like an accident. It looks like murder.

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