Forbidden Region by Michael Sisa

 Forbidden Region

Forbidden Region (Legend of the Arch Magus #6) by Michael Sisa
English | 2020 |Fantasy| ePUB | 3.3MB

Michael Sisa Just a random guy who ran out of things to read, so he decided to write stories instead. Currently, he is a fourth year medical student (exhausted) caught in a dilemma of choosing between passion and prestige.

An Arch Magus dies, only to find himself in the body of a young man in a medieval Kingdom. He finds out that he is the second son of a Duke, exiled to a desolated town by his own family. Shackled by the notorious reputation of his new shell, he tries his best to develop his domain, implementing new policies and innovations, leading his subjects to prosperity. In this world where magic is undeveloped, he shall once again pave a new path.

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