Force of Evil by Simon Michael

 Force of Evil

Force of Evil (Charles Holborne #6) by Simon Michael
English | 2020 | Mystery, Thriller| ePUB | 2.9 MB

Simon Michael is a barrister and the creator of fictional Charles Holborne, a maverick barrister working both sides of the law.

A seemingly simple case leads Charles to a shocking discovery…
London, 1965
After a series of successful cases, Charles Holborne’s reputation is on the rise.
He is asked to work pro bono to represent a widow in a recent accidental death case.
The deceased was a Sergeant Maynard, an RAF policeman who worked at the Cardington base in Bedfordshire.
It seems his death was the result of a tragic motorcycle collision, but Mrs Maynard insists her husband was murdered.
Though sceptical at first, Charles soon realises she could be right.
And as he delves further, he realises that the RAF base could be the centre of a much bigger criminal undertaking…
As rifts in the corrupt Metropolitan Police are revealed, and the threats to Charles and those he loves escalate, he begins to wonder — has he finally bitten off more than he can chew?

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