Forged Bonds by Daniel Schinhofen

Forged Bonds

Forged Bonds by Daniel Schinhofen (Binding Words Book 4)
English | 2020 | Fantasy | ePUB | 2.8 Mb

Just an average guy. No seriously that is all I am. Okay fine I love RPG’s, video games and similar things. Yes that includes LITRPG’s, why wouldn’t it. I write because I enjoy it, when I found out about the genre of LitRPG my mind exploded with ideas. I hope you enjoy my work.

Sean and his Bonded settled in Hearthglen to learn, train, and grow. Taking on an apprentice, setting up his shop, and Bonding both Chastity and Andrea to him, Sean felt like he would finally be able to learn about this world and try his hand at new things.

Sean stepped on some toes as he tried to find his place in the city, but by ignoring conventions, he friended smith and Shaper alike, forging friendships across the divide. The newly formed alliance discovered common ground when opposition rose up to hinder them.

Sean never anticipated the assassins that came for him and his Bonded. With Ida paralyzed and Ryann killed in front of him, Sean lashed out. He killed the attackers, healed Ida, and pulled Ryann back to the world of the living. Guards rushing toward them, Sean had decisions to make— ones that could shake the very foundations of Hearthglen, and maybe the world.

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