FORTRESS by Lee West


FORTRESS by Lee West : A Post Apocalyptic-Dystopian EMP Attack Thriller (Reckoning Book 3)
English | 2019 |Sci / Fi | ePUB | 227 Kb

FORTRESS : What caused the EMP? Why is the government rounding up civilians?
All answers are revealed in FORTRESS, the stunning finale to the heart-pounding RECKONING books.
Joe and Meg Birch continue their perilous journey through a hostile and occupied city to seek shelter in a local university. As they settle into their new life among friends and fellow survivors within the university’s hidden tunnel system, the U.S. military continues its relentless seizure of seemingly innocent civilians. After a student is openly murdered by soldiers, the Birch’s and their close group of friends decide to take their chances on the outside. They make their way to a nearby survivalist camp, where Joe’s brother has presumably hidden to ride out the disaster. However, they quickly discover that the survivalist camp is anything but safe, and that nothing is what it seems in the aftermath of the RECKONING.

“Hey, guys! How did it go?” asked Brett.

“Better than last time. No one lost an eye!” joked Meg.

“Yeah. Us too. We’re getting faster at locking everything down. We just need to work on reducing the noise we make,” said Nancy.

“Same here. Our team isn’t talking anymore while we move things, but we’re making a lot of noise setting up the barricade,” said Joe. “It would definitely draw the wrong kind of attention if the soldiers were close enough to hear it.”

Ed walked into the area with a clipboard in hand. He smiled at them and said, “That was our best drill yet! We’re getting faster at securing the tunnels, that’s for sure!”

“We were just saying that we need to get better at being quiet while we’re barricading the doors,” said Brett.

“Maybe. I’m not too worried about it. We have plenty of people outside in hidden watch locations all over campus, covering the main entrance and other access points. We’ll have plenty of advance warning to get the barricades up well before they even stop their vehicles. Noise shouldn’t be a problem. We just need to make sure everyone is working toward the same goal,” said Ed.

“I hope it’s enough next time. I don’t want a repeat of what happened the other night,” said Nancy.

Ed’s head dropped at the mention of the dead student. “Me neither.”

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