Found a Secret by Wendy Meadows

 Found a Secret

Found a Secret (Sweetfern Harbor #23) by Wendy Meadows
English | 2021|Mystery/Thriller| ePUB | 7 MB

A perfect distraction. An untimely death. And a long-lost sister who doesn’t seem to exist…
With the festivities and fireworks of Independence Day right around the corner, spirits are high in the Sheffield Bed and Breakfast. Brenda Rivers eagerly looks forward to welcoming her guests to the celebration – but not everybody is in a cheerful mood.
On the hunt for her elusive missing sister, Colleen Sullivan’s fruitless search has brought her to the small town of Sweetfern Harbor. Despite the lack of clues, she’s determined to find the family she only recently learned she had. But after Colleen is found dead in the midst of the celebration, Brenda finds herself drawn into a puzzling case that will push her sleuthing skills to the limit.
Tasked with unravelling the mystery behind Colleen’s missing – and seemingly non-existent – sister, Brenda and head detective Mac must discover the truth behind Coleen’s past… along with the real reason that brought her to Sweetfern Harbor. Can Brenda solve this seemingly impossible case? Or will the killer slip through their fingers?

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