Foundation by M.J. Kendrick


Foundation by M.J. Kendrick (Iridium Rainbow Chronicles #1)
English | 2019 | Sci-Fi | ePUB | 456 Kb

Foundation : What happens when your inventions change the world? They try to take them. Then they take you down.

David and Jean Reese are the ultimate power couple. Between her groundbreaking work in cryogenics and his advancements in nanotechnology, they are turning Omni into the most successful tech company in the world. Better yet, as they juggle their new roles as parents with their highly competitive contracts, they have never been happier. But for each step forward, there is someone ready with a tripwire.

International competitors covet their advancements. Government spies ferret for weaknesses. Omni itself pushes them to the brink. The world stage is tense and hungry for advantage—and blood. Beginning to fear for their lives, David and Jean know they must protect their technology from falling into the wrong hands, and, most important of all, protect their genius son, Carlton, from the fallout.

Faced with decisions darker and more heartbreaking than they can imagine, the fate of their research is left in young Carlton’s hands. And Carlton won’t let his parents’ legacy fall to ruin—no matter the consequences.

Born with his mother’s fierce intelligence and his father’s insatiable curiosity, Carlton uncovers an incredible secret buried in a happenstance encounter in his father’s lab. Drawing connections between his parents’ research, Carlton has all the pieces he needs to take the world farther than it has ever been before . . . even beyond this galaxy.

“David held back a sigh of relief. It looked like he wasn’t getting axed.

“Well, sir, firstly, I have ordered a thorough investigation of the apparatus that was directly in use at the time. Any faults or flaws that suggest a change or upgrade of the retaining clamps, or of any of the other equipment, will be implemented. Plus, we are altering the layout of the lab to accommodate the work stations and test beds to the far side. That will allow us to add reinforcement around the containment area and ensure that everything will remain in location. Nothing will be able to penetrate the screens into the general lab area or anywhere else. It may be overkill given the inert nature of our nanotechnology research and experiments, but better safe than sorry.”

The professor looked up and smiled. “Very good. How soon will the work be completed?”

David sighed. “Well, I’ve already submitted the work order early this morning, although I expect facilities management will call me with the usual tales of why it can’t be done straight away and how much work they have on as soon as I leave here.”

The professor looked over the top of his glasses and smiled. “Don’t you worry about them. I’ll see to it that you get prioritized—anything to keep the board and Dr. Bellows off my back!”

The professor stood, indicating the meeting was over. David, feeling more relaxed, found himself smiling as he stood and made his way toward the door. “Thank you, Professor.”


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