Fractured Dreams by Greg Alldredge

Fractured Dreams

Fractured Dreams by Greg Alldredge : A Dark Fantasy (Fractured Lands Book 5)
English | 2019 | Fantasy | ePUB | 1.3 Mb

Fractured Dreams : Death stalks the night.

Della Villa’s search for the truth led to her capture. Her unlikely hero, the rogue known only as her Black Knight, came to the rescue, pulling her from the wilderness. The return to her city should have been joyous, but the rebellion took its toll on the citizens. Gangs and plague now ravage the once free city and shard of Zar. All means of escape have been blocked, the city choked for survival.

Zar in tatters where can the pair turn for safety? Will the sickness be the end of her city? Is Della the sole survivor of the ruling family of Zar? All these questions – and more – will answer themselves as we delve deeper into the dark fantasy world of The Fractured Lands, and as we’re drawn towards the thrilling conclusion of this stunning work of immersive fiction.

Della always felt an outcast in her own home, now she traveled the islands of Fractured Lands, a homeless orphan. Something drives her north. Choices she makes today will determine her future.

“The south wind kept blowing in, and eventually, flotsam washed up on the rocks near Dusty’s location. He stashed every bit of wood above the high tide line. Every scrap of fiber was hauled to a dry place under the boulders to let it rest until needed. Without tools, it would take all his know-how to build a raft large enough to take him off this barren shard.

Dusty made a living on the cracks. He’d witnessed everything the water could throw his way, but this wind was different. Not only did it blow in a strange direction for so long, but the gale carried along a huge amount of debris with it.

Out beyond his line of sight, massive battles must be taking place, and he stood on the sideline, like a wallflower waiting to be asked to the dance. He cursed the gods for taking him out of this fight.

His only thought after death was the amount of booty his competitors were making by killing the Zar merchants and their mercenaries. If he ever caught Mayor Villa, he would skin the woman alive before he threw her remains to the dogs. That bitch and her bastards of a family must die.

In Dusty’s eyes, his lifetime of bad choices was now her fault. Pity he didn’t know she was already dead.

The day a bundle washed ashore, Dusty was certain his luck had changed for the better. It hadn’t. He popped open the bundle, careful to not damage the oilcloth covering, and was surprised to find a bundle of vine stored inside.

Dusty had never been one to abuse the narcotic effects of the weed. He’d seen plenty of other men waste their lives deep down a pipe, their lives turned to smoke as they puffed themselves into a dream world.”


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