Fractured Everest Box Set by D.H. Dunn

Fractured Everest Box Set

Fractured Everest Box Set by D.H. Dunn (#1-7)
English | 2020| Fantasy | ePUB | 2.9 MB

High adventure. High fantasy. High altitude. Nima never intended to be a climber, an explorer, or a hero. She never expected to see magical wonders or nightmarish abominations. She was simply a Sherpa trying to save her family, a quest that sends her higher and deeper into Everest’s icy grip. When she falls through a mystical portal, Nima finds herself caught in a magical war raging beneath the highest mountain on Earth. Accompanied by her friend Drew Adley, she will have to contend with mad sorcerers, monsters out of legend, and the great mountain itself. Join Nima and Drew as they travel Under Everest and beyond, thrilling to their adventures in the amazing worlds that exist within the fracture.

FRACTURED EVEREST is a unique collection of fantasy novels set in alternate Earths populated by unusual monsters, strange ancient cultures, and dangerous mysteries. Balancing character depth with fast-paced adventures, these hope-filled heroes are sure to win your heart! Make the climb and escape into FRACTURED EVEREST!


  • Under Everest
  • Seas Of Everest
  • Dragons Of Everest
  • The Unseen Key
  • Brittle Bones Of Gods
  • Within The Hollow
  • Thorns Of The Serpent

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