Freedom Earned by J.D. Stone

Freedom Earned

Freedom Earned by J.D. Stone
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller| ePUB |2.8 Mb

None of it was supposed to go down the way it did. A trip to Thailand to party with my old buddy should have been all fun with maybe a bit of debauchery. Instead, it quickly devolved into fighting for my survival on isolated islands, relying on my Marine Corps survival training and a friend I met along the way.
One thing those bastards didn’t seem to understand was that you don’t mess with a Marine. Before they knew it, I was bringing the fight to them, and doing so with a vengeance.

“Yes.” He poured himself another cup, then refilled mine. “So, she’s done stuff on video for money. When we were younger, we would’ve killed to do that! Aren’t you applying double standards?”

“Do I need to make a ‘double’ joke right now?”

“Watch it, that’s my fiancée.” He was about to sip again, then set the cup down. “Dammit, man, I thought you’d be happy for me. This is… I mean, it’s legit. And…” He turned back to me, grinning, “You’ve seen how well she gives head. I mean, this girl can take it—all of it.”

“All…” I was about to make a small dick joke, but no, it was no good. We’d both seen each other naked. This guy was a monster down there. Hell, maybe he needed someone like her to get it in. “Good for you, man. She’s hot, too. Damn hot.”

She was, too. When he had first caught her, for some reason he played the porno on the sixty-inch TV, making me sit through it as he moaned and groaned on the verge of tears. Now this.

“So, wait. Is the wedding while I’m here?”

“Not exactly, but…” He held up two pieces of paper. Tickets, to be exact. “We’re going to Thailand.”

“You…” I looked at the date. “That’s for tomorrow. You prick. I just got here, and you’re leaving me already?” My mind was racing with how I could make this work. A Marine in Tokyo. It wasn’t as good as other parts of Japan because in Tokyo, there were too many gaijin to make us special. Still, I could head over to Roppongi, see if my old favorite spots were there. A-Life had been the best back in the day, but it closed and the area hadn’t been at quite the same level since. Still, I didn’t doubt that I’d be able to find a nice lady to bring back to the crib. “Wait, you’re letting me stay here, right? I don’t have to get a hotel?”

He was on the verge of cracking up as he checked my cup to see if I needed more sake. No, it was still full.

“Bro. Bro. Calm down.” He held out one of the tickets. “Look at the name. That’s you! Me and you, baby. We’re going to Thailand.”

“No way.”

“Yup. Remember that little part about how she cheated on me? Well, here is where I forgive her—to make it up, she gave me a one-week pass, one way, meaning she doesn’t get one. Any babe I want.”

Okay, this time I had to chug the cup. “First,” I said, holding it out for more, my head already starting to feel light, “for sluts like you, I think you hit the jackpot. Not how I’d want to spend the week before my wedding, but… I’m not a slut.”

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