Frost by Bijou Hunter

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Frost by Bijou Hunter (EEMC #3)
English | 2021| Romance | ePUB , MOBI , PDF | 2.3 MB

Conor “Frost” Jessup was groomed since childhood to take over his uncle’s president spot in the Elko Executioners Motorcycle Club. But Bronco doesn’t seem in any hurry to hand over control, and a restless Conor finds himself rethinking his future in Elko.Enter Monroe Hobbs. Twenty years ago, her father—VP of the EEMC—and her mom made an oopsie baby. When the old ladies found out that a club girl was preggo by one of their men, they warned her to get of Elko or else. All grown up, Monroe arrives in town to meet the father she heard about her entire life. Plus, she’s on the run from her violent uncle who expects her to marry a stranger. And her mom is also currently missing. Monroe shows up with a buttload of problems and zero ideas on how to fix them.Enter her knight in shiny leather. Conor offers more than protection and his fine ass. But he’ll need a feisty chick capable of withstanding his ballbusting mother. How will Monroe handle a community full of troublemaking women? Can Lowell embrace his surprise daughter? Will the president’s crown fit on Conor’s handsome head? These questions and more will be answered in the final book of the EEMC series.

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