Fun World by Kirk Withrow

Fun World

Fun World: A Zombie Tale by Kirk Withrow
English | 2019 | Zombies | ePUB | 2.1 Mb

Fun World : They say Fun World is the most wonderful place on Earth, and most people agree. Bewitched by Fun World’s magical allure, most people devour its every movie, buy all the latest merchandise, and head to the theme park mecca at every opportunity. Eric Durst isn’t like most people, however, and his opinion of the multi-billion dollar corporate machine isn’t quite so rosy. Now, six months after failing to convince his family that a Fun World vacation is a bad idea, Eric and his daughter, Lila, are waiting to ride one last mindless attraction. Having spent the week surviving every kind of hell the theme park could throw his way; he can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately that light turns out to be an apocalyptic train barreling down on him at full speed.Given everything he’s seen at Fun World, Eric isn’t all that surprised when catastrophe ravages the park. He only wishes it could’ve waited just one more day. Now he must fight tooth and nail to save his family from the monsters that have overtaken Fun World. Magic becomes mayhem, happiness becomes horror, and tourists become zombies. Fun World has it all, and it’s all trying to kill him.

“At forty years old, the last place Eric wanted to go to was Fun World. Sure, he knew it was less for him and more for his eight-year-old daughter, Lila. But even she seemed a bit old for a kiddie park in his mind. He personally couldn’t recall any age in which he’d ever wanted to be subjected to such torture. It sounded miserable any way he thought about it, which was saying something considering he’d been through basic training. Then again, he always looked at things a little differently than most people he encountered. To him, Fun World was the embodiment of everything that was wrong with society, and vacationing at the premier destination theme park was completely at odds with who he was as a person.

Traveling, in general, had never been one of Eric’s favorite pastimes. Virtually everyone he knew was continually preparing for his or her next weeklong trip to somewhere. He simply didn’t find the same enjoyment in it, a characteristic that utterly perplexed his friends and family. Over the years, he’d come to understand that the uncertainty of being away from everything he knew always proved to be stressful and, frankly, irritating. He often wondered if it was an unintended consequence of his military experience, as if the whole “travel the world and see exciting places” mantra had somehow backfired in his case. Familiarity, on the other hand, was far more relaxing and thus far more comfortable. He was a creature of habit and didn’t much care for changes in his routine. Heading out of town for a week was akin to taking a filthy shit on his routine and flushing it right down the toilet.”

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