Gamified – Book Two: Player vs Player by Brook Aspden

Gamified - Book Two

Gamified – Book Two: Player vs Player (A Fantasy LitRPG) by Brook Aspden
English | 2021|Fantasy| ePUB | 6.9 MB

The most important thing about me is that I have always loved a good story. Whether it be books, films, cartoons, comics, video games or any other form of storytelling – I can’t get enough awesome stories in my life. I am enthralled by tales of good vs evil, fantastical places and awesome powers (if I see an ornate closet I’ll be checking for an entrance to Narnia, every time).

Felix thought the game was over – turns out it was just beginning…
When the game makes its first appearance in weeks, Felix can barely believe it. However, a quest relating to his father’s whereabouts is something he just can’t ignore. He soon finds himself on a class field trip to Cityburg where he hopes to find the elusive professor Stein and learn the truth.
Then the fuzzing begins.
But feral pigeons, slime monsters and big city thieves are the least of his worries. Felix and his friends realize they are not the only players in the game. They have walked into a PvP battleground for which they are underleveled and unprepared for. To make matters worse, the game no longer works as it did before, and now even the NPCs are in danger.
Looks like a house-cat summoning Beastmaster, a nerdy Necromancer and an ex-cheerleader Barbarian are going to need to save the world… again.

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