Gangs of Galis by Nicholas Woode-Smith

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Gangs of Galis by Nicholas Woode-Smith (Fall of Zona Nox. 0.5)
English | 2017 | Sci-Fi/Fantasy | ePUB | 1.3 MB

Galis City, crime-ridden capital of Zona Nox, was formed in the desperation of war. For mafia boss, Danny Marzio, this desperation is opportunity. Where the rest of the city sees grit and dirt, he sees glitz and red lights.
For Danny, crime is a business. Violence is just a part of the job. But when one of his men is assassinated, Danny realises that Galis cannot stay like this forever.
In the flames of a perpetual gang war and the shadows of conspiracy, Danny Marzio sees an opportunity. He doesn’t want to be an emperor, but to ensure the survival of his business – he is willing to do whatever is necessary.

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