Gatebreaker by Michelle Wilson


Gatebreaker by Michelle Wilson (Gatebreaker #1)
English | 2019 | Children/Young Adult | ePUB |836 Kb

Gatebreaker : Tell us how we get back home.”
“You don’t. There’s no way to go back.”

What started as a pleasant hiking trip turns into the adventure of a lifetime for Lydia and her friends. It’s an adventure they never expected. After walking through a magical gateway, they arrive in the world of Adylra. Navigating this new world becomes difficult when they get pulled into events they don’t understand.

While her friends search for a way back home, Lydia tries to hide the growing power inside her. She doesn’t know who she can trust, her friends from home, or the new friend she finds in Aidric, Prince of the Kingdom of Thavell. As she struggles to keep her growing powers under control, she realizes she may be the reason they arrived here. And she may be the reason they can’t get back home.

Join Lydia and her friends as they embark on their adventures in Adylra. Buy Gatebreaker now.

“Well,” she said, drawing her words out. I knew she thought she had something on me. “After we finish, I think we should go look for another outfit for you.”

“What for? Sorry, Erin, but I’m just about shopped out.”

“Oh, that’s fine. I just thought maybe you’d want one since John just told me he and Murphy want to do a sunrise hike tomorrow and they would like us to go with them.”

I perked up a little, “Us?”

“Yep, Murphy asked specifically if you could come.”

“You didn’t tell him I like him, did you?”

Erin threw her hands up in a show of innocence. “I promise I haven’t said a word.”

I smiled. “Well, okay. I guess it wouldn’t take us too long to find another outfit.”

“Besides,” Erin said. “What better way to celebrate your birthday than with a sunrise hike with your crush? It’s not every day a girl turns sixteen.”

I brushed her off as we made our way toward the sporting goods store Erin liked. “You know I don’t like to make a big deal about my birthday,” I said.”

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