Gemma by Natalia Lourose


Gemma by Natalia Lourose (The DelGado Trilogy #2)
English | 2020| Romance, Suspense | ePUB | 3.5 MB

This love is a tragedy…
Gemma DelGado is the principessa of the Providence mafia.
Depressed and mourning the death of her mother, her best friends are Adderall and a bottle of vodka.
Liam O’Connor is the son of the Irish crime boss.
He’s not a knight in shining armor, he’s not even a good guy, and he has no time to save a broken woman.
They should have never met.
Their lives collide in the back office of an Irish pub and everything changes.
Hearts beating, blood flowing, skin on fire – they finally feel alive.
But this chance encounter leaves them both with a choice…
Can they betray their families?

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