Ghastly Glitch by Ami Diane

Ghastly Glitch

Ghastly Glitch by Ami Diane (A Traveling Town Mystery, Book 6)
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 1.5 Mb

Politics can be deadly.
When a campaign manager for the upcoming mayoral election is discovered mauled to death, the sheriff thinks Wink’s new pet is responsible. Ella must help her friend exonerate the critter before he’s dispatched for a crime he didn’t commit.
Her sleuthing skills are put to the test when a forensic report reveals the mauling was intentional.
Amidst an already tense election, Keystone Village is being overrun by reptiles the size of two-story houses. The town’s unrest reaches a breaking point when word spreads that the sheriff is withholding information that could return them all home. Angry mobs form, and now, the sheriff’s job is on the line.
While trying to solve a murder, Ella searches for the source of the sheriff’s leak. In her quest for answers, she uncovers a friend’s dark past and realizes some secrets are truly left buried with their ghosts.
Can the Keystone Gators find out who’s responsible for the deadly attack on the campaign manager? Will Ella be able to help her friend finally conquer his ghosts before he pays the ultimate price?

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