Ghost in the Lore by Jonathan Moeller

 Ghost in the Lore

Ghost in the Lore (Ghost Night Book 9) by Jonathan Moeller
English | 2021|Fantasy| ePUB | 7 MB

Standing over six feet tall, Jonathan Moeller has the piercing blue eyes of a Conan of Cimmeria, the bronze-colored hair of a Visigothic warrior-king, and the stern visage of a captain of men, none of which are useful in his career as a computer repairman, alas.

He has written the DEMONSOULED series of sword-and-sorcery novels, the TOWER OF ENDLESS WORLDS urban fantasy series, THE GHOSTS series about assassin and spy Caina Amalas, the COMPUTER BEGINNER’S GUIDE sequence of computer books, and numerous other works.

A hidden traitor. Two deadly artifacts.

After many travails, Caina has reached the ancient city of Iramis, where the power and wisdom of the loremasters will protect the necromantic Sword and Dagger of the Iron King.

But a traitor lurks within the mighty walls of Iramis.

And this betrayer might undo everything Caina has done…

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