Girl, Under Oath by John Ellsworth

 Girl, Under Oath

Girl, Under Oath (Michael Gresham Series Book 10) by John Ellsworth
English | 2021 | Thriller | ePUB | 3.2 MB

Formerly a trial lawyer for 30 years, John Ellsworth is now a full-time writer of thrillers and historical fiction, with over millions of copies sold.

Taking the case could free an innocent woman… or a guilty one.
Doctor Jenny Ipswich’s perfect life crashes down the day her husband dies. It shatters when his dying request is to pay half of his two-million-dollar life-insurance policy to some woman named Elise.
Shocked to learn the secret affair resulted in a second wife and a child in Paris, Jenny comes face-to-face with the other woman when Elise shows up demanding half of everything she’s worked hard for—over Jenny’s dead body. As the wives square off, Jenny stands trial for their husband’s suspicious death.
Criminal attorney Michael Gresham, is on the case, but when Elise suddenly vanishes, disturbing texts, emails, and a horrifying discovery come to light. When dangerous attraction and sudden obsession collide, Michael must entrap a killer to protect those he loves from a case that’s turned personal.

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