Girl With Secrets by Carol Rivers

Girl With Secrets

Girl With Secrets by Carol Rivers
English | 2021 |General Fiction/Classics| ePUB | 3.0 MB

1938, East London. Nine year old Daisy Purbright is a country girl at heart and together with beloved brother Bobby, they’ve enjoyed the endless freedoms of rural England. But when her father gambles the family’s fortunes on a speculative investment in London’s docklands, Daisy and her family are swept up into the intrigue, danger and excitement.Desperately the Purbrights attempt to settle to a new life in the East End, but the whisperings of war grow louder. Then, one late afternoon in September 1940, Adolf Hitler conducts a paralysing bombardment on London and war tightens its grip. Life changes dramatically and closely guarded secrets threaten the Purbrights’ happiness. Can Daisy and her family survive one of the most fateful events of the 20th century?

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