God Save the Spy by John Ellsworth

God Save the Spy

God Save the Spy by John Ellsworth (Operation TINKER #1)
English | 2020 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 3.2 MB

When you’re on the run from the KGB, it lasts a lifetime, unless…

Moscow learns KGB officer Nikolai Semenov is spying for the British. He is kidnapped to Moscow. A bullet in the brain is waiting for him unless the British can get him out. Operation TINKER is Britain’s plan to exfiltrate Nikolai from Russia. But there’s a problem: TINKER has been tried before and failed. But it’s all Nikolai has and TINKER is put into play.

The KGB’s most cunning spycatcher Viktor Bucharov pursues. Nikolai grabs up his one-year-old daughter and runs. He changes buses, changes subway cars, runs into malls and out–all trying to shake Bucharov from his tail. Then he heads for the escape rendezvous, with Bucharov only ten minutes behind and a baby who may never make it through Customs at the border.

Can Nikolai cross the border to freedom with Sasha, the baby girl the Soviets plan to…


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