Gods and Queens by Zenay Ben-Yochanan

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Gods and Queens by Zenay Ben-Yochanan (The Amazon Legacy #1)
English | 2017| Sci-Fi| ePUB | 1.3 MB

An embittered wager between Zeus and Hera results in the banishment of the most powerful Amazon leader, Queen Elektra. Sent to Hades, she leaves behind the Golden Girdle, holder of mysteries and granter of the gift of immortality to its rightful owner.

In Elektra’s absence, two fierce warriors rise.

Teigra—a lone wolf who has suffered a life of unspeakable brutality as a slave. Forced to earn her living as a cage fighter, she endures by way of her cunning wit, quick reflexes, and lethal strikes. As a hired assassin, loyal only to the highest bidder, a chance encounter with the Girdle reframes her entire destiny.

Thea—raised and trained as a Sondra. The elite warriors of the Amazon tribe and held in the highest esteem among their people, the Sondras’ mission is to eliminate any outside threat. But a new directive takes shape for Thea when a seer repositions her path toward finding the legendary Golden Girdle.

The battle to recover the Girdle pits warrior against warrior, both unaware of each other’s existence until they are sent on a perilous quest with impossibly high stakes.

In this cruel and bloody journey set deep in an ancient world of slavery, torture, and clashing kingdoms, our fated warriors fight for their core beliefs and survival. On opposite sides of a grand, savage battle, each woman is driven to dominate the other by a shared prophecy and an instinctual force to outlive and outlast.


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