Goodreads: Best Books of the Month: September 2016 (ePUB)


Goodreads: Best Books of the Month: September 2016
English | 6 Books | Various Genre | 16 MB

1. Commonwealth by Ann Patchett
At Franny’s christening, her mother kisses an uninvited guest, a move that results in two divorces. Decades later, an author turns Franny’s story into a bestselling book, forcing her to confront family drama that’s been long forgotten.

2. A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles
From the author of Rules of Civility comes another striking tale of life in the early 20th century. Towles immerses the reader in 1920s Russia, at the hotel where Alexander Rostov has been placed under indefinite house arrest.

3. The Vanishing Year by Kate Moretti
Years ago Zoe Whittaker was an entirely different person. Today she lives the high life with her handsome husband. The only problem? The skeletons in her closet are returning, and nothing is as it seems—even to Zoe herself.

4. The Art of Waiting: On Fertility, Medicine, and Motherhood by Belle Boggs
In this raw and revealing memoir, Belle Boggs reflects on the realization that she might not ever be able to get pregnant. She examines not only the emotional toll on her and her husband, but also the legal and financial effects.

5. The Reader by Traci Chee The Reader (Sea of Ink and Gold, #1)
In a dangerous—and illiterate—world, Sefia finds herself alone when her father is brutally murdered and her aunt is kidnapped. The clue to these crimes seems to be hidden in a rectangular object that Sefia soon learns is a book.

6. Where Am I Now? by Mara Wilson
Known for her breakout roles in Matilda and Mrs. Doubtfire, child actress Mara Wilson recounts her time in and out of the spotlight in this collection of essays that are as funny as they are insightful.