Grave Alchemy by Amanda Armour

Grave Alchemy

Grave Alchemy by Amanda Armour (Zoey Graveley Mystery #1) )
English | 2019 | Mystery/Thriller | ePUB |309 Kb

Grave Alchemy: What would you bring home from a working vacation? Normal people stuff their bags with cheap souvenirs—Zoey isn’t exactly normal, she brought home a manipulative gargoyle.

Zoey Gravely’s trip to the west coast is a washout. She’s had enough of the fickle weather and is actually looking forward to returning to her mundane life; running the family funeral home and reaping souls. Well, maybe not the funeral home part. Her wish for one last evening alone flies out the window, when a mouthy gargoyle, named Basil, worms his way into her heart.

After returning home to what was supposed be a quiet life, Zoey finds that it’s anything but. Her home is being turned upside down and someone has maxed out her credit cards.

Zoey’s curiosity is aroused when souls disappear and she discovers a hidden room. Things get a whole lost worse when Zoey, egged on by Basil, sets out to solve the murder of an old friend.

When the truth is exposed, will Zoey break out of her cage? Or will she fall prey to her own insecurities and the evil lurking in plain sight?

“I didn’t come out here to become one with the trees. I’m here for you.” I forced myself to smile as I watched him bounce on the bridge. And to make matters worse, the mist was flowing over the cliff into the canyon below. It wouldn’t be long before I was soaked to the skin. “In case you haven’t notice, you’re dead. I’m here to collect you.”

Sam drew his eyebrows together and edged backward. “You’re a real downer you know. I’m not dead. I’m hiking.”

“Look at your feet. They’re not even touching the bridge.”

“What the…” Sam looked down—he was hovering a foot above the handrails. “Cool, I’m levitating. This trip keeps getting better and better.”

“You’re on my list.” I pulled out my scroll and waved it at him. “See—Sam Chivers, 68.”

“But I don’t feel dead. As a matter of fact, I’ve never felt better.”

“That’s a common side effect. You fell off the bridge into the canyon. Your body’s down there.” I pointed down toward the river. “Take a look.”

“You’ll have to show me,” Sam said with a sly grin.

“No thanks. I’m fine right here.”

“Ha! Scaredy-cat,” Sam said, taunting me.”

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