Grave Mistakes by Carly Anne West

Grave Mistakes

Grave Mistakes (Hello Neighbor Series Book 5) by Carly Anne West
English | 2020| Children/Young Adult | Suspense | ePUB | 23.9 MB

As construction begins on the Golden Apple Amusement Park, Aaron Peterson is becoming increasingly worried about his father. Working late nights in his study, Aaron’s dad seems to be fraying at the edges-pushing, and sometimes breaking, the laws of engineering with his new schematics. And with the added pressure he’s under to complete the park by this summer, Aaron can’t help but feel his father’s inventions are doomed to end in tragedy once again.
But his fears over his father’s work are complicated by a dark discovery: a network of tunnels running underneath the town of Raven Brooks. Where do they lead? And what dark secrets about his family’s past will he uncover there?

There are very few things I know for certain right now. I know that my name is Aaron Peterson. I know that I’ve lived in Raven Brooks—quite possibly the weirdest town on Earth—for about six months, and we wouldn’t live here at all except that we had to leave Germany in a hurry, and Dad’s parents conveniently left him their house in their will. I am positive that I don’t know the whole story about why we had to leave Germany, and most of me is afraid to know. And I am 100 percent certain that the tunnels running under the weather station where my grandparents used to work is merely one squirming, slimy worm in a whole can I’ve managed to open.

More than anything, I am crystal clear on this one fact: Now is not the time to spill the entire can. Now is the time to squeeze the lid back on. Shut it tight. Pretend I don’t even know there’s a lid or a can in the first place.

“Tunnels? Who said anything about … ahhhh, my head,” I say, pushing my palm to my forehead and squinting against the pain. “What were you guys saying about a fall?”

I don’t dare open my eyes to see if it’s working. I wait for the silence to subside. To my relief, it does.

“You fell out of a tree,” Dad says, his voice softening to the concern he expressed when he first rushed into the room.

“A tree?”

Dad chuckles. “Surprised? Me, too. You were never much of a climber.”

I let myself laugh a little, too, wondering if he knows I’m playing dumb.

“I don’t understand … What was I doing? … Where was … ?”

“In the woods, during the Unveiling Ceremony,” Dad says, his face darkening a little.

Right. Because I was supposed to meet my family there after the imaginary project I was working on with Trinity beforehand.

My face flushes hot. “Sorry,” I say, and I’m not sure if I’m apologizing for lying, or for not being there for his big moment, or for ruining the big moment when apparently I came crashing to the ground after inexplicably climbing a tree.

Dad clears his throat. I pretend that means “I forgive you.”

Only after I look down at my hands in shame do I see the little dirt crescents underneath my fingernails. A long splinter embedded deep into my palm has turned the flesh around it pink.

In one crushing glance, the entire memory comes flooding back.

I’m running through the tunnels. But someone else is running, too. Chasing me.

No, not chasing me. I’m chasing them.

The footsteps grow louder as I close the gap between us. I crash through the tunnel, taking turns blindly as I push my fear aside. There’s something in my hand, something smooth and flat and folded. It’s Mr. Gershowitz’s wallet.

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