Gravity is Heartless by Sarah Lahey

Gravity is Heartless

Gravity is Heartless by Sarah Lahey (The Heartless Series, #1)
English | 2020 | Sci – Fi | ePUB | 4.0 MB

What will the world look like in thirty years’ time? How will humanity survive the oncoming effects of climate change? Set in the near future and inspired by the world around us, Gravity Is Heartless is a romantic adventure that imagines a world on the cusp of climate catastrophe.

The year is 2050: automated cities, vehicles, and homes are now standard, artificial Intelligence, CRISPR gene editing, and quantum computing have become a reality, and climate change is in full swing―sea levels are rising, clouds have disappeared, and the planet is heating up.

Quinn Buyers is a climate scientist who’d rather be studying the clouds than getting ready for her wedding day. But when an unexpected tragedy causes her to lose everything, including her famous scientist mother, she embarks upon a quest for answers that takes her across the globe―and she uncovers friends, loss and love in the most unexpected of places along the way. Gravity Is Heartless is bold, speculative fiction that sheds a hard light on the treatment of our planet even as it offers a breathtaking sense of hope for the future.

She’s scouted this line many times; she’ll travel eight kilometers in three minutes, with a top speed of over two hundred kilometers an hour. Normally she jumps with heat pads strapped to her torso, feet, and hands, but today she forgot and the blood drains quickly from her fingers. Tingling numbness. It’s rare to feel so cold. Of course, it should be cooler, considering the altitude and the season, but cool weather abandoned the planet decades ago. Today there are no frosts, no ice-covered puddles, and no flurries of snow on cold winter nights. Outside the Polar Regions, snowflakes, snow-covered mountains, and clouds have vanished entirely. Life is one long, continuous, monotonous, never-ending summer. The heat is here and it’s here to stay, but the cold weather is greatly missed: chunky knits and hats with pompoms, mittens, and scarves; rugging up for long walks, feeling warm in the auto, and knowing it’s cold outside; feeling warm in an apartment Pod and knowing it’s freezing outside; lying late in bed on winter mornings and the sound of falling rain—yes, she misses this most of all. The pragmatists and Transhumans say complaining won’t help: “Nostalgic cold-weather yearnings are pointless, it’s warm, there’s nothing we can do, we tried to fix the planet, and we made it worse.” For two years, 2030 to 2032, the Earth’s atmosphere was systematically seeded with reflective particles—stratospheric aerosol injections, which create a cooling effect—and it worked; the planet began to cool. Then the regional jet streams changed course, shifted toward the poles, and the clouds began to disappear.

Transhumans don’t see the point of another attempt. They don’t see a future for Earth, and they want Coin allocated to the Leaving Project, not the remaining-behind-and-staying-fixed-to-the-spot project, because terraforming Titan is going to cost trillions. Quinn disagrees; sentimental cold-weather longings give her something to aspire to. The weather is just a science problem, and all problems have a solution. Earth Optimism is growing; it’s never too little or too late. All you need is a plan and some time alone, preferably falling through space.

As Quinn falls, she considers her marital options. Plan A: Have a go at it, get married, and see how it turns out. People who aren’t in love couple up all the time, and they make it work. She could make it work. Once they’re married, things might improve. She’ll wake up one morning and realize the way Mori pronounces it An-ta-tic, instead of Antarctic, or Sil-i-cone instead of silicon—Honestly, they’re two completely different materials—no longer bothers her. Instead of lovers, they’ll be colleagues working alongside one another, solving the mysteries of the universe, uncovering new scientific discoveries. It’ll be a marvelous time for humanity; he can be her assistant and together they’ll discover a new form of modified gravity. The people of Earth will be forever grateful. Or, they’ll drive each other crazy, one of them will have an affair, and then, they’ll conspire with their new partner to kill the other, and modified gravity will remain decades away. The people of Earth deserve more.

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